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Fits 2024 Model 3 Performance only


- Designed, CNC machined, hand made, assembled & shipped from California, USA

- Patented (US 11,472,351 B2) , 1-lever design installs & removal in seconds, great for car shows & removing quickly for car washes (locking screw & tool included)

- Expanding clamping system does not stress Model 3 grill louvers

- Designed & 100% CNC machined in USA, outdoor grade black textured solid marine board construction - guaranteed not to rust!

- Placement within the proximity of OEM mount (no physical contact with bumper paint)

- Touchless car wash only (Also recommended Tesla's Model 3 Owner's Manual)

- Quick Bandit is now CNC machined using 100% renewable energy
- Please allow approximately 1 week for your unit to be handmade & shipped


* In efforts to continuously improve and provide the best product possible, photos may slightly vary from actual product and any feedback is always appreciated, thanks! -Tony

Performance 2024 Model 3 - Quick Bandit

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